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Mike Foldes is a sales executive with MFI. His territory includes New York, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland and select accounts in other areas. Mike, a graduate of The Ohio State University, edited the PSMA's "Handbook of Standardized Terminology for the Power Sources Industry." He is married and has three grown children.

Jasper Electronics: Medical Power Supplies

Many available from stock

4.5W through 310W. Fixed and detachable I/O cords. Standard and custom configurations. Contact us for specific solutions to your medical power supply application.

  • 90-264 VAC input – UL/cUL 60601 3rd Edition Certified
  • Efficiency Levels V & VI – CoC Tier 2 – Models from 50-240 Watts – Desktop 2 & 3 Pin AC input options
  • Output Voltage Options from 5-54 VDC – Large selection of standard output connectors

Tecate 3.8V Hybrid Caps to 450F

Tecate Group Announces Immediate Availability of Hybrid 3.8 Volt Capacitors

Tecate Group announces the introduction of its new family of hybrid lithium-ion capacitors (LICs), with a maximum rated voltage of 3.8V. The TPLC™ series incorporates the key benefits of batteries (increased voltage and energy density) while maintaining the traditional characteristics of ultracapacitors (rapid charge/discharge, environmental friendliness, longevity, and safety). The TPLC™ series features a mechanically robust cylindrical footprint with a compact profile, increased maximum rated voltage of 3.8V—one and a half times higher than the 2.7V of conventional ultracapacitors—and an energy density four to ten times greater than current comparably sized ultracapacitor-based technology.


Tecate Group Offers Extensive Cylindrical High-Energy Hybrid Capacitors from 10F to 450F with the TPLC™ Product Series

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Custom & Standard Power Supplies from Jasper Electronics

If your power supply requirements are from 1W to 10,000W, Jasper has an engineering team that will design to your specifications at very competitive pricing.


Custom Power Supplies for industry

Our Design Capabilities include:

  • Electrical Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Quick Turn Prototypes
  • High Volume Production
  • AC-DC
  • DC-DC
  • Inverters
  • Single output
  • Multiple output
  • Digital Communication

Military, Aerospace, Medical, Transportation, Telecommunication, Data Storage, Nuclear, Industrial, etc.

Or contact MFI: 607-343-3092
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ARISTA goes Pro — Pro AV, that is…

AV / KVM over IP - ARD-3001

Arista IP FlashCaster takes Best in Show @ InfoComm 2011

Arista’s IP Flash Caster has forever changed the dynamics of the pro-AV industry by letting installers and System Integrators
replace proprietary AV matrix switches with off-the-shelf Ethernet switches that deliver higher performance, flexibility and scalability.
Arista’s IP Flash Caster aims to redefine the AV signal processing & distribution system architecture by delivering a single, cost-effective & scalable AV signal processing & distribution unit that integrates the functionality of several costly, discreet, single-function components. Read More…

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Tecate Rugged Caps for Mil Apps

Tecate Ultracapacitor Module

Military Takes Advantage
of Tecate’s™ Unique Modules

You may have seen that Tecate Group, your source for ultracapacitor and capacitor solutions, recently distributed a press release discussing some exciting developments. In case you missed it, here is a summary.

As the applications for ultracapacitors grow, the military market segment has demonstrated an increasing need for custom ultracapacitor modules to address a variety of power challenges, and the military has now made an unprecedented turn to Tecate for assistance in filling this need.

Tecate is pleased to announce that its custom PowerBurst ultracapacitors have been the military’s solution. Based on the unique characteristics of ultracapacitors, which allow quick power delivery, superior low-temperature operation, and the ability to handle up to a million cycles, PowerBurst custom modules are replacing or augmenting batteries in a multitude of military applications, including backup power for electronics in military vehicles, fire control systems in tanks and armored vehicles, and airbag deployment; backup power/memory hold-up for emergency handheld radios; GPS guided missiles and projectiles; cold-engine starts and active suspension in military vehicles; Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs); buss voltage hold-up during peak currents; and meeting bridge power needs for data retention when switching from ground to on-board aircraft systems.

Ultracapacitors can replace batteries in short-term applications and allow for a dramatic reduction in the battery size in peak current applications. In addition, ultracapacitors are maintenance-free, which is a tremendous long-term benefit, eliminating both the high field replacement costs related to batteries and the need for toxic battery disposal.

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Tecate expands capacitor binning capabilities

Is this what you’ve BIN looking for? 

Tecate Announces New Binning/Matched Pair Capabilities, offers matched triplets (sets of three matched capacitors), as well!

Tecate Group announces its expanded binning and matched pair test capabilities for SMT and through-hole capacitors. Tecate has been providing precision tolerance capacitors for various frequency-tuning, notched-filter, and bridge-network-balancing applications for many years, and its latest advancements now allow it to provide an even broader range of these value-added services to customers. Tecate’s capabilites:

  • Extend up to 100 bins;
  • Include a bin range down to 0.1% with a bin tolerance of +/- 0.05%;
  • Allow it to match pairs to within 0.002%; and

Introduce matched triplets (sets of three matched capacitors).

App Note: Valve Actuator

Application: Valve Actuator

This company develops and manufactures innovative solutions in control technology for liquid and gaseous media flows with electrical actuation for high switching powers.  The TPL-60/18x40F provides a fail-safe function by storing enough energy, in the event of a power failure, to return the valve to a defined safe position. 

Have an application for ultracapacitor modules? Contact MFI today.

7″ Wide P-CAP Multi-Touch Module from AMULET TECHNOLOGIES

Products Banner.jpg

Easy to program, faster time to market:

  • Provides 2 finger multi-touch
  • Hardware supports gestures: tap, flick, scroll, 2 finger swipe, pinch and zoom
  • Projected capacitive touch allows for: 
    • UICO’s gloveSENSE® technology – enables touch with gloves on or off. Ideal for use in food-safety, medical, and when work gloves are used in harsh, outdoor environments
    • UICO’s waterSENSE® technology – enables the ability to function under direct exposure to rain, water and other liquids
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