Photo by Kier in Sight Archives on Unsplash
Photo by Kier in Sight Archives on Unsplash

MFI Electronics is proud to represent the following companies:

Amulet Technologies:

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LCD displays and GUI software for embedded systems.

Graphical user interface (GUI) solutions. Quickly achieve smart-phone look using existing low-end processors. Easy-to-use royalty-free GEM software package with Amulet platforms provide robust industrial HMI controls. Chips, boards, display modules. Arrow & Future distributors.Arista-IPC Industrial Computing Solutions www.amulettechnologies.com


Amgis Toroidal Transformers


AMGIS is a global leader in the manufacture of toroidal transformers for medical, instrumentation, audio and countless other applications. Visit the Amgis website for product information. AMGIS prototypes are often available in two weeks. To get a quote, fill out the online form. New York State only. www.amgistoroids.com


Golden View Display

Graphical, alphanumeric, passive and active LCDs. Standard and custom. Golden View Display, Inc., products include displays for clocks, calculators, instruments, pagers, telephone, medical equipment and many other applications. GVD offers an all-in-one manufacturing solution, from design, to manufacturing and the marketing of LCD glass and modules. Prompt turnaround, low cost solutions, customer- friendly service. www.goldenviewdisplay.com


Jasper Electronics power supplies

Jasper Electronics

AC-DC/DC-DC, rack mount, redundant, medical, defense, transit, aerospace and more. Standard, custom and semi-custom products available. Low, medium and high volume production options. 1W to 10,000W. A Division of Technology Dynamics, Inc. www.jasperelectronics.com


P-Duke Power

About P-DUKE ∣ P-DUKE Technology Co., Ltd.

Taiwan-based P-Duke Power, founded in 1992, offers high-performance DC-DC converters, AC/DC power supplies and custom power solutions for medical, rail, industrial and other applications. www.pduke.com


Tecate Industries & Tecate Products

Tecate Group - Customer-driven Power Solutions

Manufacturer and master distributor of electronic components and assemblies. Products include: ultracapacitors, ultracapacitor modules, core capacitors and electronic assemblies. Design engineering and manufacturing services for products including ultracapacitor modules; audio crossovers, cable and harness assemblies; PCB assemblies. Digi-Key for distribution. www.tecategroup.com


Founded in 1999, WIDE has remained committed to designing, developing, manufacturing, distributing, and servicing high-tech visualization products that customers need but are not readily available in the global market. Private-label OEM displays, Air Traffic Control Displays, and multi-modality medical diagnostic displays for imaging are among WIDE’s offerings. www.wide-usa.com

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