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Custom and standard liquid crystal displays, from component level to smart modules ready to program for applications such as HVAC controls, home lighting, automotive dashboards, machine control and more.

7″ Wide P-CAP Multi-Touch Module from AMULET TECHNOLOGIES

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Easy to program, faster time to market:

  • Provides 2 finger multi-touch
  • Hardware supports gestures: tap, flick, scroll, 2 finger swipe, pinch and zoom
  • Projected capacitive touch allows for: 
    • UICO’s gloveSENSE® technology – enables touch with gloves on or off. Ideal for use in food-safety, medical, and when work gloves are used in harsh, outdoor environments
    • UICO’s waterSENSE® technology – enables the ability to function under direct exposure to rain, water and other liquids
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