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Green Energy:

Industrial Computers, Power Sources, LC Displays, Ultracapacitors & Ultracapacitor Modules



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Power Supplies & converters, battery backup, UPS… Ultracaps & Ultracap Modules for avionics, munitions, emergency power, communications.



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Displays, Video Signal Management, OR Integration, Carts, Beds, Lights, Stands, Recorders, 4K Wireless Tx/Rx,
Fiber connectivity devices, VOIP Systems, Multiviewer-Switchers, Wireless Headsets & much more.



Computers, rolling stands & carts, stainless steel touch workstations, POS, POP, signature capture, factory automation, clean room, thin clients, machine control, and more.


Data Storage/Smart Grid/Audio/Medical/Telecom…


Capacitors, Ultracapacitors, Ultracapacitor modules, manufacturing solutions including PCB design and assembly, audio crossovers, cable assemblies, LCDs for MMI, low power apps, etc.  Mono, Color, Passive, Active…Character, Alphanumeric, Graphical Touch,  MMI/HMI/GUI modules, fast development GEM software… Custom and standard AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC Converters. UPS, Redundant, LED drivers, solar inverters; medical, industrial, traffic control, disk drive, server farms, and more.


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