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OR Integration; Clarity Displays; CareTalk communication systems & more…

    • Headquartered in Columbus, OH, USA;
    • Products and services support over 500 hospitals and ambulatory care sites;
    • Manufactures Clarity Surgical Operating Room Integration Platforms;
    • Manufactures CareTalk, the medical industry standard for wireless communication in the OR;
    • Authorized video and audio integrator for major OEMs in the medical industry;
    • Authorized distributor and installer of surgical lights and booms.



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Surgical Lights; Tables; Beds; Carts; Stands

Image Diagnostics Inc., within the scope of the design and manufacture of surgical procedure tables and mobile video integration devices, has established a quality management system that is in conformance with the International Quality System Standard ISO 13485:2016. Headquartered in Fitchburg, MA, USA.


Diagnostic, Clinical & Modality Displays


The first radiological monitor company to add a reading light has added something even better to its already stunning 12MP 31″ CW120N & 6MP 30″ CW60N model monitors. A private menu screen on the bottom right-hand side gives users a fast, easy, and time-saving view of critical settings. Save time and increase the impact of your readings with WIDE monitors.

“In 1991, Amico discontinued its Industrial business to focus entirely on manufacturing medical products for the Patient Rooms and the Emergency Rooms in a Hospital. By 2023, the company had grown significantly due to the needs of an aging population and the pressures imposed by the COVID pandemic. Today Amico manufactures a very broad range of hospital products within a campus of 8 buildings occupying 700,000 square feet.” Patient LIFTS, booms, tables and more.


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Your source for the finest quality in surgical and dental loupes, headlights, and camera systems.

“Xenosys LOOKSCAM 2 Wireless HD Camera System offers fully portable, 1080p HD wireless recording in the O.R. Record your procedures in full HD, while also optionally broadcasting within the O.R. via WiFi. Comfortable and light, can be worn with the included headband, or on surgeons’ loupes if preferred. Integrated headlight is included with the LOOKSCAM 2 for an unbeatable combination.” New York State only.


Pin - Canada Flag EmojiMEDICAL PM:

Reseller/installer of ONDAL Articulated Arms and Service Heads; FSN Monitors; Monitor Supports; Matrix Switchers/Signal Converters; Accessories (tubing, etc.). Sale and maintenance of medical equipment: Medical PM has 30 years of expertise in the field of medical equipment. Outstanding service and quality products. Contact MFI for more details. Bedford, Quebec, CA


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