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MFI Lines include:

Amulet Technologies

Graphical user interface (GUI) solutions. Quickly achieve smart-phone look using existing low-end processors. Easy-to-use royalty-free GEM software package with Amulet platforms provide robust industrial HMI controls. Chips, boards, display modules.

Arista-IPC Industrial Computing Solutions

Off-the-shelf, full turnkey integration services, and custom ODM/OEM design and development services. Products for Industrial Automation, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Waste Water Management, and Control Room marketplaces. Custom, standard, affordable, quick time to market. Industrial computing solutions: fanless, rackmount, wallmount, shoebox, liquid-cooled, towers, thin clients and more. 

Golden View Display

Graphical, alphanumeric, passive and active LCDs.  Standard and custom.  Golden View Display, Inc., products include displays for clocks, calculators, instruments, pagers, telephone, medical equipment and many other applications. GVD offers an all-in-one manufacturing solution, from design, to manufacturing and the marketing of LCD glass and modules. Prompt turnaround, low cost solutions, customer- friendly service.

Tecate Industries & Tecate Products

Manufacturer and master distributor of electronic components and assemblies. Products include: ultracapacitors, “core” capacitors and electronic assemblies. Brands include Power Burst & Cap-XX.  Design engineering and manufacturing services for products including ultracapacitor modules; audio crossovers, cable and harness assemblies; pcb assembly.

Jasper Electronics power supplies

AC-DC, DC-DC, rack mount, redundant, medical,  constant voltage/constant current LED drivers, PCI, solar and more.  Standard, custom and semi-custom products available. Low, Medium and High volume production  options.

Elekcon Corp. 

Cost-effective magnetic components, including LAN transformers, Telecom transformers, Pulse transformers, Power transformers, Power inductors, Choke coils etc. Elekcon components comply with all LAN and telecommunication instruments, VOIP phones, smart grid, power supplies, home appliances, medical, automotive, electrical, etc. Crosses to many other popular manufacturer parts.

*** NEW: A large range of Low Frequency lamination transformers are available, single phase with power ratings from 1VA to 20kVA and 3 Phase Dry type Transformers from 100VA to 200kVA.




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