New Constant Current Sizing Tool for Tecate PowerBurst Ultracaps

New Constant Current Sizing Tool Available
for Tecate PowerBurst Ultracapacitors

Tecate announces an updated constant current sizing tool. This tool focuses on Tecate PowerBurst ultracapacitor solutions, and has eliminated the Maxwell and CAP-XX products that we distribute. This new tool provides several improvements over the previous generation tool. The constant power version is now in development and will be added later this quarter.

New Features:
• Ability for user to select desired temperature range
• Ability for user to narrow down searches by cell height
• Ability for user to select between different terminations on modules
• Ability for user to select between different balancing schemes
• Tool will narrow down module solution to closest needed capacitance.

This tool should be used to get the conversation started with designers, and then put them in touch with the Tecate design team to fine tune the best cell or module for their particular application.
Take a look.
Design tool download:

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